My Top Five Hottest Reads

Dara Joy's "Mine to Take" was one of my first forays into Science Fiction with a heavy erotic bent.  At the time I read this, I thought of it as a scifi romance with scalding hot sex scenes.  I read the first two books in this series and loved them, but this one bought was different...much like "Rejar," there was the hot man and the hot woman, but the first sex scene, was so different from what I was used to reading that I was shocked, at first anyway.

She took him and he let her.  Which was the hottest thing I had ever read up until that point.  Hence its inclusion on this list.  
Kevin J. Taylor is one of my favorite artists.  Some would call his art porn, but I call it erotic.  And here's why.

Kevin's work is both in your face for its subject matter, and erotic in nature.  Beyond his "The Girl" series, he has several artist collections a graphic novel and publishes with several .  His universe both titillates and draws the reader in.  I started reading this series in college, 10 years ago and I kept following up with the artist because I liked how we spun the tale.  Oh and his fascination with Prince is fun to watch play out too.

My fixation with Lora Leigh came about because I was bookdropping (eavesdropping, but with books).  I ordered a copy of the book for myself and I was hooked.  This was the first of a very large series (which is currently 20 books deep and still going), but the first was by far my favorite.  This book explored several issues with humanity in the background of a hot love affair.

I had been introduced to some alpha male character's in my readings before, but Callan Lyons put a new face on the word "mine."

Before I lost faith in Ann Rice she wrote the Sleeping Beauty Trilogy.  This series, particularly, "Beauty's Punishment" introduced me to the retelling of fairy tales as erotic.  I had never conceived of reading about Sleeping Beauty as anything other than the Disney portrayal of it.  Both my best friend and I set out to read this series over Christmas break our 3rd year in college.  I flew through the series and moved on to Story of O, she finished book one, got to the scene about pony play in book two and put it down, never to be touched again.  This book opened my eyes to more than just modern day settings or even historical for erotica.  There was a vast universe out there and I was chomping at the bit to explore it.

Menage is what I call a gateway book.  Its the book that led me to the path of erotic threesomes and seeking them out wherever I can.

While I'm pretty sure there were other books that included multiple people in a sex scene, I had never run across one that was so multifaceted that it also brought in other elements of erotica and blended them so well together.   This is the book that brought me back to Black Lace publishing.  I had found them early on in my journey, but then they became harder to find.  I found Menage in a remainder's pile (not the cover you see, but a smaller mass market sized book), of a bookstore and I was ever so glad for such a great find and wonderful read.