Sunday, September 26, 2010

Some Like it Hot or What Happened to the Sixth Grader who read the ‘dirty books’

I've been a lover of erotica, erotic novels, erotic romance, paranormal erotica, literary porn, etc. for what seems like forever. From the first time my sixth grade English teacher took away my Virginia Henley novel, which she considered a 'dirty book' because of its content I was hooked. To my 12 year old mind, I needed to know everything there was to absorb in those books, and so I set out to devour each and every one.

As I grew up my tastes matured and I began to build my collection. In the late 90s I began by gathering small anthologies and scouring the bookstores for obscure publishers, (do Black Lace or Blue Moon ring any bells). Even before the internet breathed life into e-publishing I had developed a very discerning palate for what I considered a hot read. Sex in large quantities, various positions and many locations were important, but equally so were the plot, continuity and character development.

Today, I look at my shelves that are groaning with all I've read and my lists (which have lists of their own) and know that it's time to take this to the internet and hopefully give some feedback on what I consider hot. I'll make comparisons to other titles, I'll contrast characters from previously written ones from the same author and all the while I'll delve into what makes these titles stand out from all the other. Because I like my erotica hot enough to singe the pages
and this may be the only way to prove to my sixth grade English teacher that reading 'dirty books' is and always will be a good idea..


  1. Looking forward to reading your reviews and hope to one day make it on the list. Good luck with this new journey.

  2. Glad you enjoy Black Lace. I used to write for them, but alas the line has folded now. :(

    All the best for your new blog! I'm bookmarking it now.

  3. @Renise B: I'm always looking for new titles. I'll look you up and who knows. I'm hoping I can live up to my own hype.

    @Portia Da Costa: Thanks for bookmarking me. I have some of your Black Lace books on one of my bookshelves. I was sad to find out the Black Lace folded, they were one of my first purchases.