Monday, October 18, 2010

Cold Nights just got Hotter

Joan Elizabeth Lloyd is one of those authors where you know you're going to get a good read.  There's no second guessing; you don't have to think consider if the book description accurately gives you a glimpse of what you're about to read.  You just know based on the author name alone that you're going to be satisfied with what you've read when you're done.

Which is why I was glad to see her latest collection, Hot Stories for Cold Nights, on the new releases table at my local Barnes & Noble.  I didn't hesitate to pick it up for reading and I didn't hesitate as I tore through story after story.  Based on the cover alone I assumed that this was an early release for a Christmas collection, which typically, I'm opposed to reading before November, but I was willing to make an exception in this case.  Luckily, for me, it wasn't.

Lloyd's books have the uncanny ability to make the characters in any of the situations very lifelike, to the point of you assuming you know these people or have met them or could even be them.  Which for me makes the reading more engaging because its not just a universe of the author's choosing (though it is), instead its the corner store down from your house, its your husband imagining that he's Han Solo doing things to Leia that George Lucas never dreamed up.  Or you're the woman obsessed with an online game to the point where you abandon friends and after work events for the blue glow, and promise of carnal delight.

In her books the female form is not perfect and marriage does not mean that the bedroom doors are locked and missionary style sex is the only sex available.  Quite to the contrary. 

It is obvious that she draws from both her own experience and the research from her non-fiction titles that keep readers coming back for more.  A new style of erotica perhaps, I dub it modern erotic literature, and urge you (if you haven't done so already), to pick up any of her books and give them a whirl.

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