Sunday, October 31, 2010

‘Hello, Tweetheart’

In the spirit of Teresa Medeiros', Goodnight Tweetheart, I have composed the review in 140 characters.

Uninspired author meets witty professor; coffee-spilled garments, int'l locals, snarky banter and experimental medical treatment draw u in.

I used all 140 characters for that! But there's so much more that this story offers. While this is not the usual fair for SLIHBooks, I thought the idea of a book done in tweets (and was wondering how long it would take before someone did it) was inspired. I've never read Teresa Medeiros and this was a wonderful introduction to her writing style and type of banter. Abby and Mark reminded me of many great pairings in pop culture, most recently, Lorelai and Rory of the Gilmore Girls for how quick the dialogue goes back and forth. If you doubt, I give you the following example:

MarkBaynard: So let me get this straight—I'm a God-fearing Liberal and you're a Conservative Atheist?
Abby_Donovan: I never said I was an atheist. I prefer to think of myself as a devout Narcissist.
MarkBaynard: What does that mean?
Abby_Donovan: If the sun is shining, I thank God. If it rains I blame him.

There are many things to like about this story. First the story moves along quickly, and for a short story that is key. I never put the book down because I was afraid I would miss something at any moment. Much like my addiction to twitter; you don't leave it because you may miss something that a follower will say/could say to you. Because of that I was fully engaged in the life of Abby, as she struggles to find her mojo after her first book skyrockets to fame in one Oprah praised moment.

I don't want to give away too much of the plot so I will leave it to you to enjoy, but know this, you'll be sucked in from the very first Biff the Bunny moment. Enjoy the story, because while I was able to summarize it in 140 it takes up many more in how much it can be enjoyed.

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