Saturday, November 6, 2010

There’s no place like home…

Just when I think it's safe to delve back into the world of erotic classic fiction remakes I get Oz by Eden Elgabri and Heather Peters. The storyline is given a modern twist: Theadora is about to be swept up in the hurricane of a foreclosure when Tim, her modern day Tin man, leads Oz to her. The man behind the curtain makes her an offer she can't refuse; 30 days of sexual submission for two years of her mortgage paid off. Given the cast of characters I was expecting a sexual romp filled with munchkins, tongue in cheek metaphors about golden roads and of course ruby slippers. I got the shoes, but the sex was a mixed bag that ended for me with a poorly written guy on guy scene that skirted the line of dubious consent/rape for me.

This is my first review book from I have to say this book was not for me. The dubcon male penetration scene killed any redeeming qualities of this story. Instead of writing the male anal sex scene as a case of nerves for Tim, it appears he is very much not on board with the idea at all:
The young stud walked toward the platform and Tim froze when he saw Lionel was heading behind him. His last meal galvanized in his stomach and threatened to come back up… He gasped as if he'd been sucker punched and burning pain shot through his ass as if a knife were trying to slice it in two.
The scene continues with Thea coitus interruptus apologizing which somehow manages to give Tim the needed boost to continue despite his pain and bring everyone to completion in a shower of sparkles, lights and warm happy sighs. Okay, so not with the sparkles, lights and warm happy sighs, but it should have…despite the very badly done anal scene, right? All of this compounded with the revelation of love the next day from Tim and resulted in my putting the book down.

I can only recommend this book as a poster child for how to NOT write an anal scene. This book reviewer in the land of Oz warns the reader to refrain from peeping behind the curtain because who knows what you may find.

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