Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Review – Allure by Sommer Marsden

Allure is like a good fuck. Hot, quick and a little dirty.

And considering that May's temp keeps spiking, she moves faster than the average human and has to romp through the woods every five minutes, that's a pretty accurate description.

Sommer Marsden is a new author for me. Her Gilmore Girl-esque erotic stream of conscious writing appeals to the chatty Kathy in me. This Quickie from Ellora's Cave gives shows us a peak at what happens when a shifter goes on a date and she's on the rag…Of course, in Marsden's world, ovulating comes with bennies: dewy skin, full lips, and an additional bra cup size.

But they can be a drawback when you're trying to not give it up on the first date…However, May doesn't let that hold her back from going on her first date with Chase, the coffee shop owner she's been lusting over for months.

Marsden did an excellent job of setting up scene, background and pretense for her characters and delivering on the hot factor for this reader. Handjobs, movie star kisses and then some rug burn kept me turning the page on this one.

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