Monday, January 24, 2011

Review – A Little Harmless Lie by Melissa Schroeder

I'm here to tell you that Melissa Schroeder lied to me. There is nothing harmless or little about this book.

And the sex…well that just screams for itself, or should I say it stays silent, unless it's going to use the safe word.

A Little Harmless Lie is book four in the series and picks up seemingly a few months (maybe even a year) after Evan and May have come together. This time we get to watch Dee and Micah or as I kept referring to them, the Boxer and the Dom. Dee has spent the past 10 years running for her life, and for now she's settled in Hawaii, where she makes the drinks, flirts with customers and keeps her virgin behind out of the sights of one, Micah Ross.

Or at least that's what she thought.

Micah is very aware of Dee and what she is (a virgin, a sub and his employee), but he's willing to take the risk if it means he can have her. Not bad work for a bartender if you can get it. As these things often go, just when the spankings and the anal sex are getting good, reality crashes the party.

In what could have been a convoluted mess, the author makes good use of the backstory and a missing relative to sew the plot together…she also manages to introduce us to some future characters with a possible relationship brewing…Zeke and Maura, anyone? For me this book shows the great potential of the writer. The universe she's created with the idea, characters and location make it a worthwhile ready.

This is the kind of book that if you're looking for an exciting local, a hot man a woman who can kick some ass and some BDSM and murder wrapped in one, you'll get it…or if you're looking for a great series that will keep you panting for more.

Now what I want to know now is when is Melissa Schroeder going to tell me another Harmless story…? Or even better…can she tell me who won the pool?

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