Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Must Buy List

Deep down I'm a rabid fangirl.

I lust over the covers of books, the jackets (when hardcover, the back cover where the interesting tidbits of the story are unveiled and I really miss the inside page where they used to put that hot kiss scene that would just get my full attention.

But even in my most frothy of booklust states I must maintain a semblance of sanity. Or at least that's how I console myself when I put the book down.

Because no matter how much I want to buy everything that piques my fancy, I can't…and until there is a venue that carries every erotic novel that comes out from every publisher, I'll have to be picky. So I give to you my MUST BUY SHORTLIST.

Who are the authors you buy immediately, who you stalk er, visit their blogs with frequency in anticipation of the next installment of a series or standalone? Which authors write books you can't wait to get to the register to start reading or you may own the ebook, but need the print copy for those times when the ereader doesn't cut it. These are your curl up in a chair, read the story over and over again, until just thinking of a scene will send you back into reread mode. That's what my list is made up of…what about yours?

Here's my list in no particular order. Do you read some of these authors? Who would you add? Who's on your list? Let me know.

Megan Hart
Hands down the covers of her books get me. Fate was sealed with Naked.

Lauren Dane
The Corps and the Brown Siblings…nuf said

Shelley Laurenston
Own in ebook, paperback and would have bits of it tattooed to me for rereading when I forget either my ereader or book.

J.D. Robb
The hottest hero/heroine set I know. Eve will kick your ass and Roark will do the same and with an Irish accent.

Laurell K. Hamilton
This cast of characters is flawed and well written, Anita or Merry, doesn't matter, love the series of both.

Cynthia Eden
Newest addition to the party. Hot men, smoking women and all I can say is 'rawr'.

Carrie Vaughn
A different type of werewolf who is out of the closet, and an interesting take on pack life.

Lora Leigh
Seriously…I've been reading since the Breeds were on EC, I will never give this series up. EVER!

Maya Banks
One of my first forays into threesome stories, and the Sweet series keeps me coming back for more.

G.A. Aiken
Pseudonym of Shelly Laurenston. A high fantasy version of her SL stuff and just as funny and kickass. Buying ebooks soon!

Crystal Jordan
Not afraid to poke a stick in the eye of the tough stuff of life interspersed with smoking hot sex, yeah, this one will be a keeper.

Jim Butcher
The only guy on this list…for a reason, he gets his characters right, his plot is tight and then there's the dog…gotta love Mouse!!

Selena Kitt
Another newbie to my list…Love how dark and realistic her stuff is and totally self pubbed, oh yeah, I'm there!

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