Friday, February 11, 2011

Review – Naughty Bits 3 by Multiple Authors

I have never read an anthology where every story left me wanting for more. EVER.

Until this week.

This week I started and finished Naughty Bits 3 and I loved every moment. I traversed the period pieces and was sucked in by the contemporary counterparts. There was a whorehouse and a chef, a tale of want and a pirate's tale, a closed movie set and a locked library door, a mirror revealing its secrets and a wife reasoning out her future and finally a convenient feminist arrangement (take that trite piece of Jezebel tat).

Even though this was comprised of novellas you could tell that if there were a larger story to be told it would be worth rereading the small portion included in the anthology just to get to it. Each story was the perfect catapult to introduce the reader to each author and showed off all of their best writing assets. I met new to me authors Letty James, Eva Cassel (she doesn't have an author website???), Alison Richardson, and others, and visited with an old friend in Megan Hart. By the time I was done, I had a new list of authors and a continued respect for Spice Books.

Even though the copyright dates on the stories were older, the anthology was very well put together. The characters were diverse and even in the case of the historical piece where you could see similarities there were vast differences. Appropriately enough, this Naughty Bits will be out on the day after Valentine's Day. Give your naughty bit a treat and pick up a copy.

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