Sunday, March 13, 2011

Falke’s Peak by Anna Leigh Keaton and Madison Layle

Dakota Tokala is an advertising executive in need of a little adventure and a good screw, luckily for her she finds both at Catamount Outfitters in Leavenworth, Washington. Falke's Peak is by a new author pairing for me. I liked taking on this new series by Anna Leigh Keaton and Madison Layle; they brought a fresh eye to the genre that will only improve with time.

Falke's Peak checked of a number of yes things for the paranormal romance, shifter style.

  • Wereanimal of choice is incredibly attractive (almost too attractive) in human form
  • There are siblings/close family members meaning sequel stories
  • They live in a place that makes it easy to explain the overabundance of their animal
  • They will be cute/funny when interacting with the female who is unaware of their true nature
Falke's Peak was a different sort of shifter romance and yet it was very typical. It was different in that even though the heroes shared their mind with a wild animal the portrayal of their character with the heroine did not play out this way. It was similar in that they all signals pointed toward Dakota as their mate and her needs superceded theirs, even to the point where they break their own rules about sleeping with her. There were also some quirks that made the book a more interesting read. The stereotypical dominant nature I've come to expect in shifter/were titles was not overwhelmingly present. This is not to say that I expected them to strip her naked in the middle of the store and attempt to mount, but I was did expect that machismo of a man claiming (or wanting to claim his mate) to appear (times two, even).

This made the romantic conflict, between Dakota being the one vs. her own agenda about having sex with the twins just being a fling, difficult to accept. With such diverging ideas of what was going on it was a wonderful surprise to see that this did not follow the route I expected. While there were many things to like about this book, the authors get props for creating a new universe with shifters who don't stick to the established rules or heroines who aren't muddled down by their feelings in the face of her reality.

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