Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Review – The Baumgartners plus One by Selena Kitt

I ran across Selena Kitt's titles one night while at work. At first, I thought they would be from the land of PWP (Plot, What Plot?), but they hail from the burg of Smoking Hot with Plot instead.

I was two paragraphs in when I hit the back button and clicked (several times I'll admit) the BUY button.

In short this is the prequel to the scorchers Babysitting the Baumgartners and Meet the Baumgartners. And what a suitable addition to the set this turned out to be.

The Baumgartners plus One, in the storyline of the series falls between Meet the Baumgartners and Babysitting the Baumgartners. It takes us back to the couple before the kids and after they've met in college. Doc and Carrie, our favorite horny couple are newlyweds and welcome into their life Dani, a neighbor whose own marriage has hit a rocky patch and could use a good friend or two, which she finds in the couple. Life in the university's married couple housing complex will never be the same.

In between bouts of peeping tommery, assisted bikini shaving (for those hard to reach areas), a visit to a very familiar beach house and a costume that could have malfunctioned, there are two women who bond over life's misfires. This story works because it's both a good mix of fantasy and reality. Sex with the hot neighbor combined with the inability to have children draws the reader in. I had wondered if Kitt would be able to keep up the hot factor with such a life-altering plot twist included and she did. She kept me engaged in the story beyond the sex and I bought into the friendship that Carrie and Dani had.

With the successful reading of this book, I've decided to work my way through the rest of the series (A Baumgartner Reunion, Baumgartner Legacies: Janie and Baumgartner Legacies: Henry), in addition to more of Selena Kitt's titles. I'm sure they'll be just as engaging and hot, given this reader equal parts prurient enjoyment with plot.

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