Thursday, April 14, 2011

Book Junkie – Party of One?

I'm sure a lot of you are familiar or have friends who don't do things by halves. Are they a Pisces? Good. Then you'll understand this post easily.

I'm a Pisces and I learned long ago to accept the good things and bad things about my sign.

First, I obsess over things…shoes, books, the internet, more shoes, more books, more internet, shoes, books, the internet, you get the picture.

Next, I have an addictive personality which feeds the obsession part, see above for more info.

The reason for this post is to highlight the book portions of my obsession/addiction. And also to explain that there is a method to my madness that I continue to work in a bookstore and have done since I was 16 (I'm currently 32).

Books. By all intents and purposes I should be waxing poetic on the latest book review, in fact I've got it written, but I felt that I would instead share my manic love of all things wordy. I realized this week that I am a book nerd. Okay, well I've always known I was a book nerd, but the depths of my nerdiness came crashing down on me.

I read, everywhere. No matter what I'm doing. I keep pages of articles and fanfic up while working so that my eyes can skim a few lines of dialogue or plot even while I chug away at my latest project, I have an ereader, but that has done nothing but explode my love of books and give me quicker access to them. I read at stop lights, when I'm driving (I actually like DC traffic for this reason), I read at the gym (aerobics classes cut into my reading so I will use this machine, thankyouverymuch), I read while working at the bookstore (a hard feat, yet I manage to finish at least one book per my 12 hours there a week) and I read while the TV is on as background noise.

Reading is my joy, my curse and my obsession. I counted (via my goodreads account)and I'm actively reading no less than 5 – 6 books at any given time…and that doesn't even count the short novellas I pick up for free on my nook that I plow through at lunch.

Since I was an early adapter to digital books I have erotica and romance that I bought years ago and I'm just finally getting to enjoy on my ereader, which you think would center my reading, but way…not even part of the train of thought. I have added more new authors to my mental rolodex of books in the past 6 months, than I have in the last 2 years of reading. Twitter…is no help. Authors, fellow book bloggers and random RTs recommend authors and I of course have to read a snippet to see if I like them, which most of the time I do and they go to my TBR pile.

Actually at this point it's more like a TBR mountain.

So tell me there are more of you out there. Who obsess, pine and would wither away without your words on a page. Come join my table; I'll be the girl with the out of control 'fro (although at this moment it is braided), sitting at the table with food to my left, and my ereader front and center…

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  1. Oh me, me, me... At any time, I usually have at least one ongoing book from all of the genres i like to read. So that's 1 each for Indian mythology, YA, historical, paranormal (usually 2-3 at the same time), crime thrillers - 5 minimum at any given point of time. Usually more because I'm always re-reading my fav too. And this was with actual books, so you can imagine how this exploded when e-readers came around. :-p

    I'm so bad I'm avoiding buying a car just so I don't have to stop reading during my commute. No, seriously!!! I read in the bus and if I bought a car I would have to drive and that's almost an hour worth of reading - every day - that I would lose... So yeah, I know exactly what you're about!!! Sighh, I love being a bookworm.