Friday, December 2, 2011

#31DDD - Blog 'em if you got 'im

I started this blog a little over a year ago with the intent of thrilling the masses with my love of erotic romance and how they culminated in the smoking hot read.  I had delusions of grandeur of becoming the next Smart Bitches or Dear Author.  I would reach super blog stardom by doling out words of praise or spewing vitriol on a book. 

And then I realized, I really just wanted to talk about the books I was always reading.

And maybe someone else would feel the same and comment and conversation would be born...besides I think my friends, (as supportive as they are) can only handle so many conversations about why some African American erotic romance novels drive me crazy and here are the 5453 ways to fix them. 

Then I got lazy.

Six months in and I realized that the blog was actually work, I wasn't having as much fun, I had started to set goals for when I would have to finish a book and then post a blog.  It was no longer a fun place for me to talk about what I loved, somehow I had sucked that right out.  So I took the summer off (intentional or not), to regroup, read whatever I wanted to without my self imposed deadlines and rediscover why I started the blog in the first place.

Then fall came and I felt like I was ready again, but the looming deadlines crept in and poked at my inspiration...and I stumbled.

So here I stand at the precipice.  Trying to answer the question of Why are YOU participating in #31DDD? For me it's a once more into the literary breach and all that kinda deal.  I've joined the #31DDD (31 Days with Ding and Doy for the unwashed masses) hoping that with someone else giving me a little bit more inspiration and some topics I can focus back in on what I loved about this blog in the first place and hopefully give me a fresh perspective. 

So finger, toes and weaves crossed that I get this right.

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