Thursday, October 28, 2010

Finally, they finally get it! A Tablet I can love…

*we interrupt your review blog for something a little bit different*

Let me caveat this piece with the following: I work part time for Barnes & Noble. Have done for over 10 years. However, I'm very real about the decisions the company has made and where they are going.

I don't own a nook. And had no plans to buy one.

And then last week the buzz began.

I'm an avid tech person. I have my share of computers, ebooks (that's right I read on my desktop or laptop, without the benefit of portable device), and other gadgets that I'm inclined to carry because somehow I'm convinced my world will end without them. But up until this point I held off from buying a dedicated ereader because I needed it to do a little bit more.

Initially, I was going to go with the Samsung Galaxy Tab. With a 7-inch screen, Android 2.2 OS and ability to open PDFs, it was perfect…and then the pricing came out for the carriers for both the 3G and wifi versions, and I was no longer interested. I was willing to entertain a price point of $300 – 400 and since I would be getting the 3G (if wifi wasn't available) I would bend more for the fees of that. I have not one, but two laptops and anything above that meant I would just be spending the equivalent thereof without the benefits.

I had basically decided that it wasn't meant to be or that laptop #3 in mini form would be in my future. Then the buzz started about Barnes & Noble having an event on October 26. And I hit the net.

By Monday of this week I was dying to see this "rumored color nook." And on Tuesday I finally got to see.

The nookColor is a Reader's Tablet. This is exactly what I was looking for. I will be able to read my ebooks, hit up my twitter and facebook, load my pdfs, and read magazines and newspapers. I can expand beyond the 8gigs of space that's already on there, and its wifi. Best of all, I don't have to pay a 3G fee for something I'm going to use mainly for reading. The 8 hour battery gave me pause until I realized how I charge my phone; which is to say every other day. So that's something I can live with.

I love to read the comments on all of the tech sites and see what people are saying, but honestly, I'm already sold. I've always wanted an ereader, but I just needed it to do a little bit more, the colorNook is going to do that for me. So if you're an ereader purist, but the original nook. This tech friendly reader is going to get some color with the latest addition to the Barnes & Noble nook family.

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