Monday, October 25, 2010

My name is BlackVelvet Suxsed…

You know you like a new author when 6 months is WAYYY to long to wait for the next book.

Olivia Cunning's Backstage Pass was a great first read. I wondered if I would get hung up in the concert-speak or if it would be endless banging between the hero and heroine with no character development. Myrna and Brian were equally hot and fun to watch. Like many of the new titles coming out the author makes more of the secondary characters who will be in future books. She gave enough background on each of the other guys that I knew going in that I couldn't wait to get to the next books…and then I learned that Sed's book won't be out until next April.

This is when the panic set in.

So after taking a few calming breaths and promising myself that April was only a few short months, days and minutes away I remembered that like Brian, absence would make the heart grow fonder. Or at least the idea of how hot the sex would be between Sed and his heroine would keep me in wait. And that's another thing. The sex didn't feel out of place, despite the large amount of it. I felt influenced by the rockers, much like Myrna's groupies, who we ready to toss bras, panties and sanity out the window to be with the rocker of the choice.

If there was one thing that I would ding this story about it's the lack of involvement of the so-called villain whose name is as unimportant as his actual presence was. He didn't stand out throughout the story and seemed like more of an afterthought and the effects of what he did to Myrna stuck out more. Honestly, the story could have done without him. Myrna already seemed to be hung up on what he had done to her, having him show up, while I understand his necessity, could have been handled better, three weeks on the road and he didn't appear at all?

Bottom line, will I be reading the rest of this series? Please see my panic moment above for confirmation. Should you read this book? Yes. For any fangirl who has ever had pipe dreams of touring with the band and becoming more than just another stop on the tour this is definitely the book for you. Olivia Cunning's love of the music and the groups who provide it come out and she gets a call for an encore from me.

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