Thursday, October 7, 2010

It’s not always about the sex

Yes, I do read erotica...problem?

I typically don't get offended when someone raises and eyebrow at what I'm reading. This begs the question, then why am I blogging about it? And the short answer is because I'm going to put out there for anyone who cares to know that it's not always about the sex.
I'm used to people finding problems with the cover (too much nudity), the subject matter (too much sex) or the author (who's that, what literary prize have they won?). I've built up a callous to the remarks that I get and I even have a few zingers that I will happily trade for those who overstep the boundaries in providing an opinion on what I'm reading. The easy answer is that I like a happy ending, but a better answer comes from Alison's Wonderland:
        "…we all love a happy ending (traditional or otherwise), especially when the characters turn out to be kinky."

And now I take off on a tangent.

I love it when the web universe coincides with what I'm blogging on. As I was writing this I ran across the recent SmartBitches post on Porn vs. Romance and I realized that in some cases when people in my life voice their concerns with what I read, I feel the need to explain to deaf ears why romance or erotica is not always about the sex. That's not to say I don't enjoy reading the sex scenes, because I do, but I also enjoy the interaction between the characters and the plot. Any of the authors in my must read pile: Shelley Laurenston/G.A. Aiken, Larissa Ione, Megan Hart, Lauren Dane, Jaci Burton. Lora Leigh, Lisa Lawrence, and Zane, all provide this. They build the relationship between their characters and create a universe for them to play in that offers a slice of life that I'm looking for at that time. I've even witnessed cases where the SEX itself is its own character, with idiosyncrasies of its own that must be navigated just as carefully as matters of the heart. 

And now to reign it in.
People read what they do because they like it. The reasons behind it don't matter. I'm done with explaining myself, but I'm pretty sure I'll never be done with people giving me the side eye. For that I'll take the more childish route and hope that their face doesn't stick that way.


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