Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"Sometimes all that's needed is a little magic dust -- and a bit of lube" - Alison's Wonderland Pt. 1

Alison Tyler's Alison's Wonderland is an erotic romp through classic fairytale.  While I have read my fair share of kinky fables this collection has given me a new perspective of what the Brother's Grimm and Hans Christen Anderson could have meant with their cautionary tales.  And like the children and women they meant to heed their warnings I dove right into the collection without a worry for my libido's safety.
I broke this review into two parts because I'm doing something I haven't done with an erotic collection; I'm savoring it.  Each new tale from The Red Shoes (Redux) to Moonset, gives the reader a brief glimpse into what a modern day version would be like.  The first 12 stories boldly move from one fable to the next.  They beckon to the reader to come dance in the red shoes, that "clasped her feet like the hands of a lover," or be punished by Ernest, the bookseller in the most delicious of ways.  Become Beauty and bring the Beast to his knees or let the moon change your roles.  The characters are boldly written and I found in Portia DaCosta's Unveiling His Muse the height of obsession bought to a stimulating sexual peak by having your muse walk out of your work and into your life.  

Thus far the collection is a distinct mix of fantastical and modern, keeping the reader intrigued in how the story will play out, while remembering how the story used to be.  I'm glad I chose this collection as my first book to review and I look forward to finishing this in small bites and not one big gulp.


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  1. Thank you so much for the review, part one! I'm so excited!