Saturday, December 18, 2010

Review - Pleasure's Edge by Eve Berlin

I'm not exactly between books, but when I read the back cover for Eve Berlin's Pleasure's Edge, I paid for it in record time.

That was Wednesday and I closed the book 20 minutes ago.

What I assumed would be an slightly different take on the author researching for the next book scenario veered off around the time the characters met. This was not going to be some story of the heroine discovering herself while her Dom guided her through being a “good subbie.”

Thank god for that.

Instead it was a heroine of such control freak proportions that I at once felt a kinship with her. Add to that, the Dom himself, was a fully developed and moved from working on his own writing to whipping it out to masturbate to the images of said heroine.

The chemistry on the pages was palpable. The introspection shown for Dylan (the heroine) and Alec (the hero) puts a new spin on the subject matter altogether. Instead of the focus remaining mostly on Dylan we get equal time with Alec as well. Both characters, are confused by their feelings for one another and we get to watch between bouts of hot sex, hotter dungeon scenes and what has to be my new favorite wall!sex scene while they figure it out.

There aren't many BDSM stories that can dance that delicate balance between romantic feeling and the mind fuck that is the scene. Kudos to Eve Berlin for doing it well enough that I'm going to hunt down the rest of her books and I suggest you do too...right after you read this one.

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