Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Review: Unwrapped by Megan Hart

I'd like to start this review by saying that when I grow up I would like a Bandboy/Bingo/Fuckmachine of my very own. Those who know me, feel free to add this to my Christmas list, be sure to poke airholes in whatever box you leave him in under my tree. If you're not familiar with any of these terms and what they may mean, I advise you to pick up Taking Care of Business or No Reservations and introduce yourself to Leah and Brandon (aka Bandboy/Bingo, the Fuckmachine gets attached in this latest installment). Unwrapped is one of four stories in Naughty and Nice anthology by Carina Press

There are many things to like about this holiday novella with one of my favorite couples. There is being able to see some of the happily ever after that only a good epilogue in a story can give. The imperfections of this relationship that make it a perfect portrayal of what a real relationship could be like. Recently, I spent time talking to Megan Hart at a booksigning and I loved the idea that she and many other authors are writing books based on the realities of being in love is like instead of the fantasy that is likely to never occur. Reality-romance if you will.

I love reading about snippets in my favorite characters lives. It's like being a guest that's always invited to every party…except I get to watch them sleep with one another…I guess that makes me more of a voyeur? Well whichever person I am, it's good to be able to know what's going on. In this excerpt from the lives of Leah and Brandon, we get to see the happy couple on both their honeymoon and their first Christmas together. Like all newlyweds some things continue as they began and other things crop up…like FUCKMACHINE!!!

I'm going to fangirl for just a bit. There are authors I love to read because the dialogue is good, there are authors I love to read because the characters or settings are good and then there's Megan Hart. I love to read her works because the exposition is so well done. It's not what the characters say (though she gives good conversation too), so much as what they think while they're saying or doing it. She doesn't mince the thoughts of her characters, when she says they just make love they do, no "fireworks singing Yankee Doodle," necessary.

So Happy Holidays and Good Tidings to all. Unwrapped is so much more than a present, it's a gift.


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