Monday, April 4, 2011

Review – Twice as High by Elise Logan

In a Tweet: Heroine with ladyballs meets winged duo to gain mile high club status and more. New to me author, Elise Logan scorches the page.

Elise Logan offered me a freebie and I chose this threesome title (I've been on a kick lately). I love to read threesomes because they're a kink that I could imagine in reality relatively easy.

In Twice as High Madeline (Maddy) Crane has just done the impossible, turned whistleblower and won the lottery. With her newly freed self and lottery winnings she's riding off into the sunset or so she thought. One dream and an orgasm later she's plunged into an assassination threat; her own. Luckily she's got her own pair of body guards that strangely enough look like the culprits of that dreamgasm©.

Kyle and Julian are a winged alien couple who were extradited to Earth after a coup on their planet doesn't go in their favor. For them there is life on this third rock from the sun in the form of bodyguard work…which gives them ample opportunity to look for their mate. A funny trick of their anatomy requires two males to a female in order to reproduce. Ms. Logan gets major points for explaining how the anatomy works in enough detail that it is both a turn on and a science lesson in one.

I've always loved a good threesome story, this one was great. I've got a heroine I can support, heroes with wings and a thought out plot that doesn't leave the reader hanging. Madison gets to join the Hands on Hips Heroine club for Some Like it Hot Books, she doesn't pull any punches when dealing with her new bodyguards. In fact she makes it clear that she's not going to just sit back and let them make the decisions around her:

"There isn't a way to avoid it. I need to decide what I want, and that requires you two," she swept her hand out, "give me enough to make a decision. And so far, you haven't given me squat on you personally. Yes you've told me about the whole alien thing, but nothing about you. The only personal things I have are from this bizarre psychic thing we have going on, and it just isn't enough."

I like that when presented with an unusual situation she makes an effort not freak out and then asks questions, but doesn't immediately fall into line and take everything that's said to her at face value. Maddy challenges the heroes and that gives her depth. I like depth…a lot. Nothing worse than a heroine who falls on her back without putting the man in his place or out of his comfort zone.

Both Kyle and Julian hold their own as two halves of a whole. Their background as soldiers set the precedent that they would be very dominant (top and bottom in the bed, aside), but, this was one fault I found in the writing. Julian was the more passive of the two, he was the caregiver to Kyle's provider. This balanced the threesome in the end, which to me is a more realistic ideal, but given that this is fantasy, the more dominant male in Julian should have prevailed.

The emotional depth of characters also can't be denied. Despite the possible killer out for Madison, there is the emotional wall that she's erected. I love how this story takes on the perception of what a unit is when it comes to love, how more than one does not necessarily mean that someone will be left out in the cold. Twice as High is a welcome addition to the many threesome stories I've read. There's something in it for everyone, so if you want a book that's going to challenge your perceptions of what makes a perfect relationship, while giving you three very different characters, this is your book.




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