Sunday, December 18, 2011

#31DDD - Tell Me Where to find the best Fried Chicken

There are few things I miss as a vegan like I miss fried chicken. Or in this case, pollo a la brasa.  If you haven't had Peruvian chicken in NoVa and more importantly if you haven't had El Pollo Rico in Arlington, then you haven't had chicken worth talking about.

I was first introduced to Pollo years ago by my then roommate, Sarah, she and her friends raved about this place until me in my scoffing disbelief made the journey up 66 to the place.

I was pissy that I had to wait in line...that is until I got my plate.  You have never had flavors like this cross your palate and sink into your tastebuds.  So when you ask me about where to find the best fried chicken I'm not sure what I can tell you accept, there IS no fried chicken that can measure up to this chicken roasted on a spit.

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