Saturday, December 17, 2011

#31DDD - If there were a book entitled, The Ramen Chronicles, what would its first line be? How would it end? AND Post a photo from your phone and tell me about it

Opening Line:

Some required a cigarette after a really good orgasm, for Ricki it would always be a nice bowl of Top Ramen (c) with a liberal squeeze of siracha pepper sauce on top.

Carrying her bowl back into her bedroom she nudged over the lump that was her boyfriend and in a careful balance of bowl, chopsticks and body, managed to settler herself against the headboard without spilling a drop.

Now she no longer looked for the packages of Top Ramen (c), she found a cigarette would do just fine.

This is of course me.  I love hats, however, with my big melon of a head, they don't exactly love me back.  But when I do find one that does fit and doesn't make my head look like a watermelon I am more than willing to pose with it, case in point, this pic.  This particular hat embodies everything I love about headgear...its pink, its stylish (no baseball hats for this girl) and it fits!!!

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