Saturday, December 3, 2011

Day 3 - #31DDD: Tell Me about your Grandfather

photo courtesy of Anson Mills
The funny thing about this post that is in telling you about my grandfather, I'm really going to tell you about my grandmother, considering, I didn't know my grandfather very well (he died when I was very young).  I don't know who my paternal grandfather is...and that's a post on a totally different blog.

My grandfather (or rather, my grandmother's first husband...because she had at least two, that I'm aware of), was a bastard...and he didn't last long before he met with the kind of justice that anyman who hits a woman should.

According to my grandmother, my grandfather had made his physical dislike of something she had done known and had then gone to take a nap.  Now she, being a good southern girl and full of piss and vinegar, put a pot on the stove an prepared my favorite breakfast treat: grits.  When they were done, she took the pot off the stove, carried it into her bedroom and promptly dumped the entire pot onto the face of her sleeping husband.

I'm told he never hit her again.

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