Thursday, December 8, 2011

#31DDD - Take a picture of your fridge and tell me about it

Day late, dollar short and all that jazz.  But this is a pic of one of my fridges.  I actually have two in my kitchen and they both function fully.

When I told little Miss Diva of Yum about this she declared me her "hero," so I think that's a plus of this post altogether.  Now, the reason I have two fridges is very practical...

There is more than one person living in my house.  Which is to say that I have two roommates and since all of us do some form of cooking, in order to have any semblance of order a second fridge was going to be necessary.

Also, luckily for me, at the time I was looking one of my friends was looking to get rid of it and was more than willing to help load it up and ship it out.

Now to the contents.  Currently, the 1st shelf is sporting the final remnants of Thanksgiving dinner...which means the collard greens and sweet potatoes are all that's left.  Then there is one of my favorite bottles of wine.  One of my roommates is quite the cheese hound, so there are pounds of different types for his amusement.

But really, the only thing of any real concern is the wine. 

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