Tuesday, December 6, 2011

#31DDD - What is your most embarrassing moment?

You ever have one of those moments when your mouth opens and words escape before you can slap your hand over it to keep them is?  Yes?  Me too. 

I was a young idiot attending some teen leadership conference at a 4H camp and our group was discussing HIV and the transmission thereof, and as we were talking I in my young need to feel important said with absolute seriousness: "you know you can't get HIV from a toilet seat right?"  And then the monster that had taken advantage of my mouth let go and I as you imagine, I was mortified.


This is what I chose to say?  Young leader of tomorrow and all I could come up with was some random factoid that I knew wasn't true and spew it forth???

I could actually feel my ears burning.

I don't think I said anything else to anyone that day...never know when that monster would take over again.

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